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If your upholstery is starting to look old or is wearing out badly then the next thing should be proper upholstery cleaning. Not only cleaning is recommended but it also prevents the upholstery from wearing out further which may cause more damage and will make it very difficult to be cleaned and restored. Every upholstery piece is addressed with good care in order to guarantee the best results. When your fabric is worn-out badly then we can replace the fabric and make your upholstery look new again. If your upholstery is being discolored and is aging then consider our service to assist you to on repairing your upholstery. 

Leather Cleaning Manhattan

imageWe've been serving our customers for over Three decades and leather cleaning is another important service provided by us. We provide you with a guarantee in our services and we'll advise you prior to cleaning your leather on which steps we are going to take and what procedure we are going to follow. There are numerous types of leathers utilized in the industry and utilizing the correct products to clean up the leather is an important aspect with regards to leather cleaning. Some of the important leather cleaning methods are: Refinishing, Redying, Reupholstering, Reconditioning and applying the protection finish application such as Scotchgard. 

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